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Subforum Rules & Guidelines - Read First!

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Subforum Rules & Guidelines - Read First!

Post by josh_axey »

The purpose of this post is to indicate to you the expected rules and guidelines for posting content here.

This post may change regularly and it is your job to make sure you are informed, so please check in on it from time to time.

Rules & Guidelines:
  • 1. The posting of illegal content is not allowed. Please validate your source material before posting it, as this can lead not only you, but others and this site into legal trouble.

    2. Open source does not mean free, necessarily. Please be aware of the license that any content is shared under - it is your responsibility to check this. If no license is stipulated, it usually falls under the default license from where it is shared.
    In the case of, for instance, GitHub, this would mean it falls under GitHub's default license which is available for viewing on their website.
    Make sure you are using it for purposes that you are allowed to use it for. Often these are non-commercial purposes, make sure you are in the right.

    3. When posting to content that is not yours, please always verify it with a link to the original source, so no mistakes can be made as to ownership and licensing.

    4. Be concise when posting your own content and code for others. If you intend for it to be covered under a particular license, make sure you include it and nominate it in your posting.

    5. Please try and keep WIP threads to a minimum, as is our general rule of thumb. WIP threads are great for bringing enthusiasm and showing off hard work, but make sure you are posting worthwhile content if you are going to post at all - and please remember; no vaporware.

    6. This is as much a place as any for asking your questions, but before firing them off here, please use the search button and also have a bit of a search on the web to see if you can get an answer or a hint beforehand.

    7. Of course, all of the usual forum rules apply to this subforum also, they can be found right here: Clicky!
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