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6.31 - Everybody's Golf 2 (EU)

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6.31 - Everybody's Golf 2 (EU)

Post by TOcean »

This is a testing thread for firmware 6.31 using the Everybodys golf 2 exploit, please follow this format when posting results:
Homebrew name:
Homebrew type (optional):
Download link (optional):
Compatibility rate: (number between 0 and 10, 10 means it works perfectly, 0 means it doesn't even start)
Exact PSP model:
Exact PSP firmware:
HBL revision:
Menu used:
Additional comments:
Download link for dbglog (only required for homebrew that doesn't work):

An example
Homebrew name: Bookr
Homebrew type (optional): Application
Download link (optional): ... r-v81.html
Compatibility rate: 10
Exact PSP model: 1003
Exact PSP firmware: 6.31
HBL revision: 101
Menu used: Yes
Additional comments: No problems at all, loads and exits perfectly every time.
Download link for dbglog (only required for homebrew that fail to load): N/A

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