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Multiman game launching issues

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Multiman game launching issues

Post by Side.Step.Society »

It's been ages since my last PS3 JB excursion, so bear with me.

Though it's not exclusive to this title, I recently backed up my copy of ModNation Racers to launch through MultiMan.

When attempting to play the game, the loading screen before the first race gets to about 90%, then hangs and the system no longer responds.

I experience different types of hangs with different games. Destiny, for example, hangs up at a black screen immediately after launching.

When I was active in the JB scene, guessing through various launch settings in MultiMan would fix certain titles. I tinkered with those and had no luck.

Is this still the best case to get a game to launch? Are there new methods to ensure backups are launching as expected?

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