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Rebug (4.65.2) toolbox enable recovery mode vs recovery mode

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Rebug (4.65.2) toolbox enable recovery mode vs recovery mode

Post by kineticUk »

Hello I'm reasonably new to the PS3 and CFW and messed up my PS3 yesterday so had to format HDD afterwards :oops: I'm just trying to understand how/why so I don't do the same in future.

I noticed that enabling recovery mode (reboot) in the Rebug toolbox and manually by holding the power button down don't take me to the same place. The Rebug toolbox route takes me to a screen where I can hold start + select to update whereas holding power button down recovery mode has 6 options and different functions. Is something wrong with rebug enable recovery mode option or is it meant to be a shortcut to recovery mode update option only?

I looked into the two options rebuild filesystem and rebuild database. The information I found online said that these options were fine to use on CFW and wouldn't break it but the first option broke mine.

When I checked the rebuild file system option it detected a corrupt filesystem, failed to fix it and then gave me the option of formatting HDD. I chose not to but then my PS3 failed to reboot afterward and instead prompted me to format HDD until I said yes, so lost my game data etc.

Is this normal? I guess
the OFW recovery mode detects slight changes (CFW) and that's why it thinks it's corrupt? It couldn't be detecting the OtherOS++ partition could it?
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