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Webman help - net3 possible?

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Webman help - net3 possible?

Post by JulianRDTG » Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:46 am

I am playing with ps3netsrv GUI on my PC, and I have about 6 hard drives chocked full of PS3 games.
I want webman to be able to mount all 5, or at least 4 of them.
I can ONLY get WebMan to mount 2 on boot, or 3 if I go into settings after boot.

net0, net1 mount on boot. But for some reason, when you reboot the ps3, it erases the settings of net2 in webman.

Anyway, it wont let me add past net2 because of that glitch. And I can't figure out how to manually edit the webman settings bin file.

Does anyone have any ideas? (Serious ideas only please..thanks)
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