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Updating outdated CFW PS3

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Updating outdated CFW PS3

Post by Beegee7730 »

Hey all.

I have a PS3, currently on (I believe) 3.55 kmeaw, or something equivalent.
(Edit, was 3.55 Cobra. Yes, I bought into that.)

I haven't used it for a few years, but it's a slim and it's original firmware was 3.00. I haven't done much on it, but I want to set it up for latest stable custom firmware with the most features (PRX loading, backing up my legitimate games to hard drive, etc)
Can anyone recommend me a good setup, and anything I should do whilst I am on 3.55 before updating? Everything seems to be working fine, but obviously the software and all homebrew I have is pretty outdated so I want to get it up to date. I have no need for online or that stuff.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Updating outdated CFW PS3

Post by fate6 »

Let's see first install 3.55 rebug then set the qa toggle via rebug toolbox or the qatoggle app, next dump and backup you eid root key(I think that's its name), also grab a backup of your system nand.

Now with all that "just in case" stuff done just grab the latest rebug with cobra features and install that puppy.

Look up webman BTW, you'll be very glad to have it.

Oh and all that stuff is just in case something happens you can recover far easier.
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Re: Updating outdated CFW PS3

Post by Daniel_Davies85 »

I just updated my Rebug to 4.60.1 and all seems to be working fine. I also updated my Multman to the latest and that's great too.

I'd never used Webman before but I found out about a neat feature the other night; if you install a game to your HDD, you previously had to load Multiman with every boot up and choose the game. Now, I selected it in Webman from the XMB and it's permanently there at start up. Granted it only saves a few minutes but every little helps.

Im wondering if I could ask a question about multiple profiles and Activating Vitas on CFW in here or should I start a new topic?
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