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Forum Rules. Read them first!

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Forum Rules. Read them first!

Post by wololo »

The forum follows the basic rules of the netiquette :

We ask you to specifically follow the following rules:
1 - Do not post in Capital letters, too many emoticons or other artifacts that would generally blur the readability of the post or otherwise be considered annoying.
2 - Do not send private messages with request/questions that you already posted on the forum
3 - Do not post or request illegal content. In particular, this website does not support piracy; any mention or references to pirated content will be acted upon.
4 - Do not post, request, discuss, or link any form of adult content (this includes, but is not limited to, questionable pictures, pornography, and "sexual health" discussions). Breaking this rule can/will result in an immediate perma-ban.
5 - Be polite, do not insult others. Specifically, posts involving racism/sexism/religious intolerance/etc are not tolerated. Avoid cursing. We have a censor filter in place: when it censors a word you use, consider rephrasing, and ask yourself if you really want to post this. Do not try to be clever and bypass the censor filter. Users who attempt to do that will be warned and/or banned. In general, ask yourself if you would be ok with your mother, children, colleagues, to read what you posted. This is true for text but images as well.
6 - Respect the open-source licenses of content you edit/mod/etc, and please try to provide proper credits to the original creator(s) whenever possible. This forum honours GPL and similar rules. Posts/files violating them are subject to removal/edit at moderator discretion.
7 - Your signature (if any) should be less than 150 pixels in height (text included). Moderators reserve the right to change your signature if it doesn't follow this rule.
8 - Discrete and relevant links to other websites are allowed. Blatant advertising is not allowed. (This includes offering to buy/sell/trade something. We aren't an auctionhouse.)
9 - Threads regarding "online cheat" in games are not allowed. Discussions regarding offline cheats are allowed.
10 - Usage of pay-per-click reroute links, or linking to pay-per-click websites is not allowed. (This includes surveys, pay-to-download, etc.)
11 - Do not open a new topic just to request people to sign homebrews for you, or to code this or that (homebrew, plugin,...) for you.
12 - Avoid creating work in progress (or W.I.P.) topics unless there is significant progress (e.g. a beta download, etc.) to be posted. The mod team reserve the right to lock such topics. We don't like vaporware.
13 - Multiple accounts: Each user can only have one and only one account. All clones (other accounts for same user) will be immediately permabanned with no warning whatsoever. The original account (taken as the oldest account for that user) will be sanctioned at least with one warning, up to direct permaban, to the moderation team discretion. Banned accounts count as one account as well.
14 - Asking for donations is not allowed, you can however ask the moderation team for permission to ask for donations, and depending on your contributions to the scene, we will accept or deny it. If you have been authorized to post donation links, they must not contradict with rule number 10.
15 - The Programming and Security forums must be strictly related to such topics, any thread not directly related to either topic will be moved to another section accordingly, Posts not pertaining to these topics (E.g. congrats, what does this do) will be removed without warning.
16 - Discussions about software to download youtube videos is not allowed on this forum. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions about psp**be, go**be, opentube, tubemate,...

Any post not following these basic rules will be either edited or locked, followed by a friendly warning from the moderation team. If you consistently break this rules your account will be deleted without further notice.

In addition please respect the following guidelines:
- Please avoid the use of profanity (aka, swearing.)
- When choosing your signature/avatar, please keep other users in mind and avoid rapidly flashing gifs.
- If you have a question, be sure to check first the sticky topics of each category and use the search function before posting.
- Try to make precise topic title, e.g. “help” is not an appropriate topic title and will be consequently edited by the moderation team.
- Try to make full sentences, be as precise and concise as you can.
- Try to post in the right category, if you do not find any category meeting your needs, please inform any member of the moderation team, we will study the possibility of creating a new forum/sub-forum.
- The official language of this forum is English. If you are a non-English speaker, please use a translation tool to post your messages in English. You are free to leave also a copy of the message in your “original language”, but do not expect a reply in any other language than English.
- If you see a post or receive a PM that breaks the rules, please report the post/PM by selecting the Upside-Down Triangle with an ! inside icon, and use the menu that appear to give a brief explanation of why the post/PM breaks the rules. Doing so helps the moderation staff keep the forum clean and safe.

Moderation rules.

By registering to this forum you agree to the following:

Your messages can be edited, moved or locked by the moderation team without any further notice. In general, the moderation team will let a note if your content was edited. If your topic is moved, the moderation team will leave a shadow topic. Shadow topics will be removed after 1 month.

Wololo and the moderation team.
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Re: Forum Rules. Read them first!

Post by m0skit0 »

Writing a decent title for your topic

When you start a thread you'll need to write a Title for it, this is what everyone is going to see. If you really want to get help on a question then one of the most important things you can do is write a GREAT Title. Take a few extra minutes to choose words that will tell the reader what your thread is about.

Here's an example of a GREAT title:

Help with music plugin on 6.39 PRO HEN

This will get you the best quality replies because it tells our forum members exactly what the topic is about and then our members with expertise on this topic will click on the link and do their best to answer your questions.

The above title says,

* What the problem is
* What firmware you're in

Here's an example of a bad title,


Is kind of vague, actually it's really vague and it's competing against great titles, so it's not going to help you get the help you're hoping for and need.

Time is always precious, even on a discussion forum, we have a lot of talented and smart people on this forum but the last thing you want to do is make them guess what your topic is about. The last thing you want is for them to skip over your thread as you'll never get the benefit of their experience and wisdom.

We love it when people trust for help, but help us to help you by writing a title for your thread that will tell us what it is you're working on, what the problem is and any other little details that will get you the right people with the right information replying to your questions.
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