What is PSM+

PSM+ allows you to access PSM and PSM Unity (coming soon) without a license from Sony. This means you can develop and test with the PSM SDK and PSM for Unity without a publisher license--even after Sony shuts down developer access. Additionally, it allows for hacks such as Rejuvenate to work on any device with PSM DevAssistant installed for unrestricted native homebrew.
You must be running firmware 3.51 or lower and have PSM DevAssistant installed on your PS Vita. We are currently working on support for PSM Unity.

Restricted access

PSM+ is an "invite only" service for now, while we confirm there's no massive bug.
It will be open later on. If you have seen the invite but keep getting "access denied" errors, please make sure you are properly signed in to your /talk account, and do a ctrl+f5 on the error page.


The tools asks for some personal information that could identify your PS Vita device. We do not keep logs of this

How does it work?

The first time you open PSM DevAssistant and see the message "PlayStation®Mobile Developer's License could not be confirmed." use the first option below to install PSM+ and activate your device with our system. Then, in the future, when you receive that message again, use the second option below to refresh your PSM+ installation.

Let's get Started

If you have PSM Dev Assistant

Note: not receiving the emails in your inbox? Check this article (in particular gmx users)

If you have PSM UNITY Dev Assistant

Important note: Rejuvenate is not yet ported to the PSM Unity Assistant. Although PSM+ will give you the required access, you cannot actually run Rejuvenate on this until it gets ported Note: not receiving the emails in your inbox? Check this article (in particular gmx users)


I received the Daily file email, but not the license email

Try using a different mail provider, or try sending the mail to another account, then forward that mail to your vita

I followed all the steps of the tutorial but I keep getting the error 80010020 when I try to run an application.

This error is related to the expiration of the daily files from the license.
You can fix this issue by refreshing your license (links are located in the "Let's get Started" section).

I followed the first tutorial and refreshed my license, but I keep getting an error on the PSVita : "Failed the authentication to execute application. Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key using with PSM Studio or Publishing Utility".

This error can be related to multiple causes. This is basically caused by a wrong pair of PSVita/Computer key files.
You need to clean everything related to keys on both your PSVita and computer :

I receive an email on my PSVita but there is no attachment and random data in the body.

This issue is known and happens with some hosts such as hotmail or private providers.
If you are using hotmail, you can fix this issue by using the IMAP server instead of the POP3 server.
You can otherwise fix the issue by using another host such as gmail.


PSM+ By YifanLu, Major_Tom, and mr.Gas