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PSVita News: Rinnegatamante manages to get ReDream, a Dreamcast emulator, to render frames on the PlayStation Vita & Electric1447 releases VHBB-Android, a VitaDB client for your smartphone!

Despite HENkaku nearing its fourth anniversary, homebrew development on the PlayStation Vita is still alive especially in the emulation department. In this article, we’ll be looking at Rinnegatamante’s latest progress on ReDream for the...

Recent PSVita releases: VHBB 0.83, VitaGrafix 3.2 with more game support and G*Maker with touchscreen support!

Recent PSVita releases: VHBB 0.83 with an important crash fix and talk about adding other homebrew databases, VitaGrafix 3.2 with support for even more games (including WipeOut 2048) and G*Maker with touchscreen support!

PSVita homebrew releases are still a thing and recently, we got updates to some pretty important homebrew. These updates include an important bug fix (in VHBB’s case) and new features for the others. Vita Homebrew Browser...