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What happened to developer SMOKE?

A few months ago, Vita scene developer SMOKE sent me a “farewell” message to publish here. I didn’t do it at the time, mostly because he had been “away” from the scene in the...


Release: PSP2SHELL for PS Vita

Developer SMOKE is at it again, and released PSP2SHELL for the Rejuvenate hack. Update: SMOKE mentioned the following correction: PSP2SHELL was ported to Rejuvenate by Yosh, modified by hgoel0974 and fixed for VitaSDK by...

VitaTester 1.1 released

Developer SMOKE has released an update to his tester application for the Vita, VitaTester. VitaTester 1.1 for rejuvenate: Features The App basically detects your vita inputs and displays feedback on the screen. This latest...