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DosBox for the Switch gets Dynarec support and work being done on Vita port, ScummVM for Switch gets USB Mouse/Keyboard support and pNES/pSNES/pFBA updated!

Switch/Vita Emulation News: DosBox Dynarec is now working on the Switch and frangar is making it work on the Vita, pSNES/pFBA/pNES all updated with bug fixes and improved skin support and ScummVM for the Switch gets USB Mouse/Keyboard support!

Lately, the Switch scene has been a bit quiet but now, it’s back with a bang with somewhat significant updates to four emulators AND support for dynarec in DosBox! Thankfully, the Vita is also...

This week (16-23 Oct) in emulation: RetroArch PS2 port, RetroArch fixes for PSVita, NES emulator updates on PS4 and DS and more!

This week (Oct 16-23) in emulation: RetroArch fixes input issues on PSVita/PSTV, PS2 port of RetroArch is in development, Switch Overclocking for better emulator performance, PS4 FW 5.05 gets a NES emulator, NesDS updated, and more!

These days retro games are quite popular and as a result, the emulators we use to play them keep on getting better. This week saw a couple of interesting developments related to RetroArch, emulation...

Mid-March homebrew round-up : Itadaki Street Dragon Quest gets an English translation and more!

This week’s PSVita homebrew round-up (Mar 17-Mar 24): PSVita StorageMgr updated to work with FW 3.65/3.67, Itadaki Street Dragon Quest & FF 30th Anniversary English translation released, UAE4ALL, Basilisk II and ScummVM get updates and more!

This week saw some pretty exciting news regarding the PS3, PS4 and PSVita hacking scenes with stuff such as the ESP8266, VitaQuake III and people exploring what can be done with the PS3’s HAN...