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Release: VitaShell 0.1

Remember when on my Wishlist for Homebrew I talked about what same of the homebrews I wanted for the Vita were? I talked about a shell that could allow us to do many tasks...

PS Vita Hack

Rejuvenate: Yay or Nay?

First of all I want to thank every user of this site for the good reception for the first part of my Wishlist for Rejuvenate that was more focused on the applications side of...


Release: PSP2SHELL for PS Vita

Developer SMOKE is at it again, and released PSP2SHELL for the Rejuvenate hack. Update: SMOKE mentioned the following correction: PSP2SHELL was ported to Rejuvenate by Yosh, modified by hgoel0974 and fixed for VitaSDK by...