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Heads up: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB is $179.99 on Amazon. $189.99 with heatsink. (One of the most recommended SSDs for PS5)

Sony releases new PlayStation 4 model with model number “CUH-7200” – An even-quieter model with the figure of eight power connector that’s being slowly rolled out, starting with the RDR2 bundle!

Many PlayStation 4 Pro owners have shared a similar gripe about their console and this was the excessive noise the console made when under heavy load. To amend this problem, Sony released the CUH-7100...


PS4 Pro ships with firmware 3.70

Early buyers of the PS4 Pro have been confirming that the Playstation 4 Pro launch bundles ship with firmware 3.70. This has been confirmed by several PS4 Pro owners, across all regions (NA, EU,...