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PSVita & Switch Releases: Rinnegatamante releases vitaExhumed letting you play PowerSlave/Exhumed thus granting more Build Engine fun & the Switch’s port of Chocolate DOOM gains hardware acceleration, better mod support and more!

Today, classic FPS games are on the menu in the homebrew scene with both the PSVita and Switch getting a slice of the cake. In this article, we’ll be looking at the release of...

Return To Castle Wolfenstein ported to the PSVita and a quick look at Game Jam entries!

The PSVita gets a Return To Castle Wolfenstein port by Rinnegatamante and a quick look at REVita’s PSVita Game Jam 2019 current entries – You certainly won’t be bored with your PSVita during this Easter!

While the PSVita is over 7 years old and new retail game releases are minimal (especially in Europe/NA), this week has been great for the console as it received numerous homebrew games! Among these,...

PSVita/Switch Releases: Julius, Super Mario War and Jump'n'Bump released!

PSVita/Switch Releases: Julius, a Caesar 3 port (Vita), Jump’n’Bump (Vita/Switch) and Super Mario War 1.0 (Vita) released – You can now go back to Roman times on your Vita with its newly released Caesar III port!

Around the time of TheFlow releasing his modoru downgrading utility, various PSVita developers decided to enlarge the console’s homebrew game library to make hacking it even more worth while. This time around, we have...