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Dolphin running on XBOX ONE!

Emulation News: Dolphin is now running on the XBOX ONE via libretro with some games playable, Raspberry Pi 4 showing significant improvements in emulators (PPSSPP) over RPi 3B+ and Super Mario Maker 2 running well in Yuzu!

Recently, the emulation scene got a tad more exciting with releases and news being published more frequently. This time, we’ll be looking at Dolphin running on the XBOX ONE, Raspberry Pi 4 performance in...

This week (16-23 Oct) in emulation: RetroArch PS2 port, RetroArch fixes for PSVita, NES emulator updates on PS4 and DS and more!

This week (Oct 16-23) in emulation: RetroArch fixes input issues on PSVita/PSTV, PS2 port of RetroArch is in development, Switch Overclocking for better emulator performance, PS4 FW 5.05 gets a NES emulator, NesDS updated, and more!

These days retro games are quite popular and as a result, the emulators we use to play them keep on getting better. This week saw a couple of interesting developments related to RetroArch, emulation...