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Emulation News: WINE 4.0 released with Vulkan/DirectX 12 support, yuzu gets disk-based shader caching and DesMuME gets more performance updates!

Emulation News: WINE 4.0 with Vulkan/DirectX 12 and game controller support released, yuzu gets shader caching support for better performance and DeSmuME gets more graphics rendering speed-ups!

Development on software letting us emulate various computers/consoles never quite stops and sometimes, the big boys receive a major update of their own. This time, the big boy with an update is WINE, a...

Dolphin February and March Report in a nutshell!

Dolphin February/March 2018 Progress Report in a nutshell – Android gets a GUI for detailed Dolphin Settings (INIs) and improvements to touch screen controls, the FPS counter now scales on bigger screens (or high DPI ones), the graphics core gets cleaned up and much more!

Last month, we didn’t see a Dolphin progress report because most of what happened in February was groundwork for what would be added in March. Now, we got a progress report for 2 months...