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Heads up: Horizon Forbidden West available for Preorder on Amazon: PS5 - PS4 (affiliate link)


PS Vita Release: Final Fantasy III

Developers Frangar and Rinnegatamante have released their promised FFIII port for the PS vita, aptly named ff3_vita. Additional credit is given to TheFloW and Darthbellic for the original ARM elf loader, and providing LiveArea...

PSVita News: A look at recent progress relating to the GPU acceleration in RetroArch and native resolution for all PSP games bounties + a quick look at a bounty for 960×544 output on the PSTV to eliminate upscaling/downscaling for a better image!

In early July and August, two bounties shook the PSVita hacking scene and attracted a great deal of interest which shot up their combined value to $2000. In this article, we’ll be looking at...

DosBox for the Switch gets Dynarec support and work being done on Vita port, ScummVM for Switch gets USB Mouse/Keyboard support and pNES/pSNES/pFBA updated!

Switch/Vita Emulation News: DosBox Dynarec is now working on the Switch and frangar is making it work on the Vita, pSNES/pFBA/pNES all updated with bug fixes and improved skin support and ScummVM for the Switch gets USB Mouse/Keyboard support!

Lately, the Switch scene has been a bit quiet but now, it’s back with a bang with somewhat significant updates to four emulators AND support for dynarec in DosBox! Thankfully, the Vita is also...