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Dolphin Emulator Sep/Oct 2018 Progress Report in a nutshell: Android improvements with rumble support and portrait mode improvements, Bluetooth fixes for generic adapters, Game Tagging, Rendering Improvements in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and more!

While Dolphin progress reports aren’t being published as often as they were before, one must remember that Dolphin is still receiving fixes and improvements! These two months have seen a couple of interesting things...

Nintendo patents a Game Boy cover for smartphones! - What can hackers do with it?

Nintendo patents a Game Boy smartphone case with physical buttons hinting at an official GB emulator! – Exploring its potential from the point of view of someone who uses hacks

These days, various companies are milking the retro cash-bandwagon and Nintendo is no exception. Following the success of its micro-consoles, Nintendo is possibly taking its retro-themed products a step further with a potential Game Boy...