PSP Emulator – ultimate download list for all devices (PC, Android,…)

Looking for the best PSP emulator? look no further! on this page we have a list of all the major PSP emulators, to run PSP games on your favorite machine (PC, Android, …). If, on the other hand, you’re looking for emulators to run ON your PSP, then what you want is our other page: the ultimate download list of emulators for the PSP/PS Vita

PSP emulator list

psp emulator - Disgaea 2 running on ppsspp

Disgaea 2 running on ppsspp

There are a few PSP emulators available, and you can find them on this page. Download links below include the most popular platforms so you don’t have to think twice about it.


Emulator Name Windows Android iOS (iPhone/iPad) Linux Others
PPSSPP Download PPSSPP For windows here Download PPSSPP for Android here Download PPSSPP for iOS here Download PPSSPP for Linux here Download PPSSPP for other platforms here
PCSP  Download PCSP for Windows here  X  X  X  X
JPSCP  Download JPSCP for Windows here  X  X  Download JPCSP for Linux here  Download JPCSP for MacOSX here
Potemkin  Download Potemkin for Windows here  X  X  X  Potemkin Source code

Which PSP emulator to choose?

PPSSPP is by far the most popular PSP emulator, with support for a variety of platforms (including, but not limited to, the popular Android and iOS Operating systems). PPSSPP it is getting regular updates. This is the PSP emulator we recommend today.


Other emulators than the ones listed above exist. But they are anecdotal and do not necessarily provide an enjoyable gaming experience, so we are not listing them above. This is the case for example of pspe, pspe4all.

Which PSP emulator are you using? Would you recommend it to our fellow readers? Are there any speed or quality concerns? Let us know in the comments!

27 Responses

  1. Yatto says:

    I can confirm that PPSSPP is really good, playable on Android (I tested with Kingdom Hearts, so not the lightest one ^^), and very enjoyable on a computer.

  2. Yazeed says:

    PPSSPP is very good

  3. chingon says:

    Ppsspp has the best compatability with psp iso’s out there, I run in on pc and android, both with DS3 CONTROLER…good s$!T…

  4. Barry says:

    ppsspp is good

  5. aaronvey says:

    i was looking for emulators that run ON the psp NOT emus that emu the psp

  6. azet says:

    I noticed that JPCSP has a lot of tools to investigate the RAM and find potential ePSP exploits ; that’s a special feature PPSSPP doesn’t have.

  7. Yskar says:

    Use PPSSPP and forget the rest (or use RETROARCH)!

  8. dani says:

    hey guys I have a r psp. has older tertirs like roms, was wondering I can get help to download a ps1 and ps2 on my psp email me please also gamecube hehe 🙂 help xoxo

  9. dani says:

    hey guys can I download ps1 and ps2 also gamecube roms onto my playstation portable

    • Really says:

      Your kidding with this right? Please actually say your kidding here.

      PSX you can the other 2 not a chance in heck

  10. BLKBRDSR71 says:

    PPSSPP is almost perfect. There are only a few games that won’t work.

  11. RKk says:

    PPSSPP. Need to say more bout it? Its the best

  12. boomer says:

    Ive had a lot of lagging issues with ppsspp anyhelp

  13. tony says:

    ugh I love ppsspp but how can I make it to be fast to run gta liberty city

  14. bin-asri says:

    psp vita games can work on psp?

  15. skilstoolz says:

    using it to play fifa 18 iso game.thanks

  16. romeo says:

    cool man

  17. escort bayan says:

    How do you make a blog site look this sick! Email me if you can and share your wisdom. Id appreciate it.

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