PS5 Jailbreak and Custom Firmware

PS5 Jailbreak: Official tools and news for PS5 Jailbreak, latest updates directly from the PS5 hacking scene. You just got yourself a new PS5, and are looking for a PS5 Jailbreak / PS5 Custom Firmware solution? Then bookmark this page, as it will be kept up to date with the latest, greatest, and simplest solutions available for PlayStation 5 CFW.

PS5 Jailbreak – the current status

Generally speaking, the higher your PS5 firmware, the lower your chances are that a hack is available for it.

Can you Jailbreak PS5 Firmware 9.00?

Not at the moment. See below for details

PS5 Jailbreak up to Firmware 4.51

PS5 up to Firmware 4.51 can be Jailbroken through a Kernel exploit. Currently, people on firmware 4.51 or below can enjoy limited access to the PS5’s internals through the IPV6 exploit. This includes homebrew support, PS4 backups, native PS5 execution, and more. (details below).

For PS5 Firmware up to 7.61 (23.01-07.61.00), the (usermode only) bd-jb exploit works and allows some limited native execution. That exploit isn’t a Kernel exploit and doesn’t constitute a Jailbreak, but lets you run some native code on the PS5. Details here.

Additionally, For PS5 Firmware up to 7.60 (23.01-07.60.00), the Mast1c0re Exploit is an exploit that leverages a bug in PS2 remakes (such as Okage: shadow King), and that runs on the PS5. In theory this works on all firmwares up to 7.60 included (the latest firmware at the time of writing), although 6.50 and 4.03 enjoy the best level of support currently. That exploit isn’t a Kernel exploit and doesn’t constitute a Jailbreak, but lets you run PS2 Iso and PS2 Homebrew on the PS5. Details here.

Again, no complete “Jailbreak” has been publicly released for the PS5, and in particular running pirated PS5 games isn’t possible on the console at the moment. Any site claiming they can allow you to do so might be scamming you, so proceed with caution. PS4 “backups” are however now possible on hacked PS5 models, see here.

PS5 3.00 to 4.51 Kernel Exploit

(supports firmwares 3.00, 3.10, 3.20, 3.21, 4.00, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 4.50, 4.51)

Late 2022, a Kernel exploit was released for the PS5. PS5s on firmware 4.51 or lower are vulnerable to a combination of a usermode exploit and a kernel exploit that gives arbitrary read/write access on the console. Although considered not a full jailbreak, this is the most access we’ve had to the console internals so far. You can check it out (and us it if you’re one of the lucky owners of a 4.03/4.50/4.51 PS5) below. The exploit was confirmed to work from firmwares 3.00 to 4.51 included.

PS5 BD-JB exploit and Webkit Exploit

Please note that when we refer to the 3.00-4.51 exploit above, we often talk about the BD-JB or Webkit versions of the exploit. This is because there are two entry points to access the PS5 hack, one vulnerability in the BluRay player and one in Webkit respectively. Some tools or releases might work for one implementation and not the other. Which version of the exploit is generally up to you, although people on a Digital PS5 have no choice but to use the Webkit version.

PS5 Jailbreak – Beware of scam sites

A lot of sites will try to make you believe they have access to a full-fledged Jailbreak for the PS5, on the latest firmware. Typically, these sites are lying, in order to get you to click surveys or advertising, which is how they make their revenue. In extreme cases, some of these sites might even get you to install malicious content, so be warned. If it’s too good to be true, and in particular if it is not mentioned on this page here at, it’s probably fake.

Our actual expertise here are is to keep you informed about the latest and greatest events of the hacking scene. If you just found a site that claims they have a Jailbreak that hasn’t been talking about, ask yourself which one of the two following options is the most likely:

  1. somehow haven’t heard about it, despite them spending 7 days a week scouting the hacking scene for reliable information since 2007, or
  2. You are being scammed

In my decades of experience, the only case you know about a hack that we haven’t talked about, is if you’re part of its development team and it hasn’t been released yet 😉

PS5 known Vulnerabilities

The following Vulnerabilities have been reported for the PS5: