PS4 Remote control

The PS4 now has an official PS4 Remote control that is officially licensed by Sony. PDP is releasing an official PS4 Remote control.

PDP have quietly announced this media controller which gives you an easier way to navigate both your console and your TV when watching movies. Useful if you’re a heavy movie watcher, and if you’re tired of the gamepad to navigate.

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PS4 Remote Control by PDP

Here’s what the Maker have to say about the Specifications of this official PS4 remote control:

  • Officially licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Convenient and hassle-free navigation
  • Easily control up to 4 devices
  • Dedicated buttons for PS4 Home and Power


ps4 remote control by pdp

The dedicated power button, as well as the visible PS buttons make it easy to access some functionality that is not always so obvious from the gamepad. It’s also interesting that this ps4 remote is officially licensed. This means somehow, this device has some of Sony’s encryption integrated.

PS4 Remote Control Reviews

Reviews for the PDP PS4 Media remote control can be found on Amazon here.

Release date

PS4 Remote control release date: October 2015.

PS4 Remote Control PDP – where to buy

Amazon have the PDP PS4 Remote control available.

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