PS Vita emulator

Looking for the best PS Vita emulator? look no further! on this page we will host a list of all the major Vita emulators, to run PS Vita games on your favorite machine (PC, Android, …), as soon as they are made available. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for emulators to run ON your Vita, then what you want is our other page: the ultimate download list of emulators for the PSP/PS Vita

Are PS Vita emulators a possibility?

A system can only be emulated once it is fully understood. In firmware 3.60, the PS Vita was hacked through a Kernel exploit, and developers can now reverse engineer the entire Vita system to build a PS Vita Emulator. Building an emulator for the PS Vita is a hard task and requires lots of work. This is technically doable only once it has fully been reverse engineered.

A PS Vita emulator allows much more than simply running your favorite PS Vita games on your PC or android device. It will also help enhance games visuals with added filters, could help decrease load times: the power provided by a full fledged PC could take the graphics and Vita experience to a much higher level, like most emulators typically do. There are many benefits a PS Vita emulator will bring to the table:

  • Possibility to play many games without having to carry the discs or cartridges
  • Some emulators let you play online
  • Games tend to run better/faster on emulators
  • Graphics and sound can be dramatically improved with emulators (anti alias filters, etc…)
  • Savestates: you can save a game wherever you want instead of relying on the game’s checkpoints
  • Use the controller of your choice, gamepad, keyboard,…
  • The possibility to play PS Vita exclusive games on your favorite device
  • Savegame compatibility means you can share savegames with friends
  • PS Vita Emulators also add features such as screenshots, video capture, etc…


Vita3K, experimental PS Vita emulator

In January 2018, we revealed the existence of an experimental emulator for the PS Vita. Named Vita3k, the PS Vita emulator is open source. As of early 2018 Vita3k does not support commercial games, but can already run homebrews in the vpk format, such as VitaQuake. Early releases run homebrew games at 15fps, which is quite promising.

Vita3K emulator running VitaQuake

VitaQuake running on the Vita3K emulator.

Download Vita3K

You can download Vita3K from the developer’s github here.

PS Vita emulators – beware of fakes!

Multiple people have brought to our attention the name of a team claiming to have a ps vita emulator: psvep. Everything about that project points to it being a fake, and potentially a scam. Their website (which we won’t link to) has multiple red flags:

  • They claim their emulator emulates bot the PS Vita and the PS3 flawlessly out of the box. This has never happened in the history of emulators before, that a team comes up with something working perfectly on day 1.
  • They ask for email + account creation in order to download the emulator. Not only is this weird and not recommended, it is suspicious that nobody has shared their emulator yet on other sites by now.
  • They claim their system automatically downloads and runs any ps vita game automatically. Anyone who’s developed an emulator in their life knows that this would be the #1 way to get your project shut down legally, by directly associating the emulator with piracy.
  • Weird technical claims about the emulator that do not match the typical geeky jargon of emu devs. For example, they talk about “doubling the frame rate” to 60FPS, which sounds not only suspicious, but also not what an actual emu developer would push as one of the main points of the emulator.

PS Vita emulator list

More PS Vita emulators will be added to this page as new information comes around

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