How To Create a US PSN Account On PS4

Creating a US PSN Account on PS4 can be useful for example if you want to buy US PSN Digital codes, or if you want to access Streaming Services such as Netflix. The following explanation assumes that you have a PS4, and that your network is properly configured.

How To Create a US PSN Account On PS4

On your PS4, log out of your current account (you can do so by long pressing on the “PS” button and selecting “log out”), and once on the welcome screen,  Select “New User”

Choose ‘Create a User’. Once you accept the legal user agreement, you’ll be taken to a welcome screen. Select “Next”


How To Create a US PSN Account On PS4

You will now be on a login screen. Instead of entering your regular login details, select, ‘New to PSN? Create an Account’ at the bottom of the screen. The next screen says ‘Sign up for PSN’. Click on ‘Sign Up Now’.

The next screen asks you to enter the following: to input your country/region, your language and your date of birth.

  • Country/Region (Select United States) That’s the important bit!
  • Language: choose whatever you want
  • Date of Birth: enter your date of birth, keep in mind that the US format is Month/Day/Year

You also need to enter City, State, and postal code. I recommend that you google for a hotel in the US in any city that comes to mind. Here’s one, but I advise against everyone using it, your account might end up being flagged for some reason: 3205 Northeast Loop 286, Paris, TX 75460. The address doesn’t matter much as long as it appears to be valid

You’ll also need to enter a Sign-in ID (an email address) and a password. If you already had a PSN account in another region, you cannot reuse your existing email address because it is already registered for your “other” account. Create a new email account on any provider if you can. Hint: on gmail, you can add dots (“.”) in your existing address anywhere you want. PSN will consider those as different addresses. For example, I could create one account with, another one with These are two different emails from PSN’s perspective (so I can use them on two different accounts), but will both reach my same inbox on gmail.

Finally, choose an online ID (pick whatever you want) and enter your name (real or not, it doesn’t really matter at this point). Go through the remaining optional settings, and you’re done!

Welcome to your new US account! It can be used on the same PS4 in parallel with your other account. That’s a pretty neat feature!

Now that you have a nice US account, you might want to give a try to video services such as Amazon Video and Netflix. Check out our guide: Watch Movies on PS4.

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  1. aidan says:

    i want to ps4 online

  2. askingAboutPSN says:

    Dear, I am in KSA. Can I create US PSN Account on my PS4. is there any region related issue if I download / purchase PSN game from PS-store from my US PSN account?

    • Brenza says:

      Some games will run with english-only audio and texts. This is totally chosen by the game developer.
      You’ll need an american credit card or you’ll have to buy prepaid cards on amazon (tutorial in the first lines of this article)

      There’re no other issues.

  3. uMadBro says:

    Sometimes i just think that this tutorials are for brain damaged people

  4. Ps10 coming 2055 may 4th I can’t wait:)

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