PSP Genesis competition 2011, presented by npt
Become a sponsor


Why becoming a sponsor of the PSP Genesis competition?

The PSP Genesis competition is a unique contest, not led by a specific website, but "scene" driven. While most PSP homebrew contests are organized by a specific website, we are trying to make this competition "decentralized", and would love to see as many sponsors as possible join the fun.

A Sponsor is any individual or company that provides prizes to the PSP genesis contest.

What's the benefit of being a sponsor?

As a sponsor of this competition you get the following direct benefits:
  • a link to your site, above the fold, on the main page of the competition
  • your site name or url displayed on the splash screen of all homebrews entering the contest
  • The rules you want for your prizes (see more details below).
We believe that with the already attractive prizes, this competition will gather lots of attention from the scene. We believe it will have a huge impact and it will be lots of fun!

Your money, your rules

We want to emphasize that as a sponsor, you get to decide how your prizes will be awarded. You can add them to the existing prizes, create your own prize, and decide who votes for your selection. Below are a few (fake) examples, but you don't have to follow them. Contact us, and we will follow up:
  • offers a PS3 for the best homebrew, as voted by the members of their forums at Register there and vote now!
  • gives a free one year subscription to their premium service, for the best action homebrew game
  • gives away 200$ for their favorite open source homebrew
  • Adds a 3DS to the winner of the "official" 1st prize. That's right, the winner gets 1000$ AND a 3DS!
  • Offers a 50$ coupon on their online shop, for the best homebrew featuring a pink dragon singing your country's national anthem


yay genesis