Add a picture display on native card

All suggestion to improve/change the Gui used by Wagic.
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Add a picture display on native card

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I was astonished to not see a picture's window for native cards, for adding card's picture in native Wagic card (to have text and picture on the card, like some other card videogames). And have name files like the ones used for full pictured cards, but like this: "[Card ID]_small.jpg". It'll help a lot for custum card, because we'll only provide the main picture. Also, in the settings, we'll have the choice to use the full card picture or just the main picture (With Wagic card theme; also customisable).

I hope the game will be more intuitive for adding card with ingame card editor too.
Also, the game seem to not work with a gamepad on PC. And the mouse control is... Difficult, especially on setting menu.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope someone still update this game.

Edit: Also, a clikable/hoverover text with skill explanation.
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