[Suggestion] Finding a card in your collection

Suggestions and Ideas to improve the in-game deck editor
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[Suggestion] Finding a card in your collection

Post by Rob »

I run Wagic on the PSP and I create decks there too. I realize there are more sophisticated methods for this, but the application itself suits my needs for the most part; until my collection gets huge.

Let's say I have > 3500 red cards in my collection and I want to add Lave Axe.
I have to hold <- or -> down for a really, really long time to find that card.

My suggestion is this:
Make a key combination that either jumps to the next letter alphabetically or that jumps ahead a larger number of cards. (+100)
If the jump ahead option were available, maybe it could be an option setting so the user could configure it based on their specific needs.
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Re: [Suggestion] Finding a card in your collection

Post by Echo12 »

Or maybe a Search Field can be added where you can type the card's name or maybe it's type (etc Soldier, Creature, Instant, Sorcery, Etc.). It can ease the trouble of finding individual cards. :mrgreen:
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Suggestion Finding a card in your collection

Post by Kellyshork »

another suggestion: the zoom for the card art really looks bad
with small images. could you give the option to show the image
zoomed or actual size of the jpg? or is this option already in and
i didnt found it?
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