BFZ HQ Images 312x445 ( Fast Mediafire Download)

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BFZ HQ Images 312x445 ( Fast Mediafire Download)

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Battle for Zendikar HQ images optimized for Windows.

BFZ HQ and HQ Tokens do enjoy...Images are 312x445 thumbnails are 226x322
Note: Non full lands are still Medium Quality 202x287 they are just the same as the full lands the images so I wouldn't even recommend using the basic half lands. *IF* you for any reason still want to include them I recommend changing the Basic Lands to 312x445 with the windows resize tool. Sometimes the Thumbs will be missing if they are odd resolutions from the main ones. It's just a precaution in case that is the outcome.

Additional Credits go out too
& Wizards of the Coast

Click the Download Link :mrgreen: 43.44 MB Download Size
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