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PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSets..)

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:38 pm
by Bas

Since there doesn't seem any kind of recent PSP Wagic compilation lately, here is mine.

It includes:
- New sets inserted manually, with images (exception is C15, where I do not have any images for). Sets insdtalled are up to and included to Oath. Oath not tested yet though. Colorless stuff of BFZ and Oath needs to be fixed. Raid of Khans always triggers, even if you didn't attack.
- New images are resized to 178 x 255, Thumbnails: 45 x 64 (so they use less RAM, same size as the LQ image set)
- Some minor custom changes, such as renaming Blitzkrieg so "Classic Mode" is on top for selection again, inserting a simple mode with 40 life (and no other change there) for slower decks (for me, this was for playtesting my derettish-commanderish deck), addition of Delver
- Few fixes because there is no 100% compatibility between 0.19.2 core sets and 0.19.0, such as some keywords not working properly/at all (cdactive), so some cards got fixed (Most cards that don't update their stats in play while they actually should may be fixed with foreach instead of cdactive). Removed one AI deck since I got a bluescreen when fighting it quite often.
- 0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets - I had large issues, mostly in card collection, with any eboot higher than 0.19.0.

- There are a lot of unfixed cards there, not sure if my approach with Tharmogoyf worked out so far.
- Do NOT use counterspells with "opponent may pay X mana..." as they will result in bluescreens.
- Rarely a full crash of the PSP. This happens when there is no reaction at all, and the lights for the memory stick are going off as well. When you are getting used to the situation when it happens you might quit the app with the home button quickly for a faster restart of the game.

July 2017 version: ... 543#p98543

14-04-16 version:


Noticed right now, error in filename, it is 0.19.0. eboot.

You also probably want to download the images LQ PSP which I didn't include because they are already online as a package:

Download 1 Mirror (804 MB)
Credits to Gonzo and tester 3 for these!

Have fun, please tell me what do you think of this.


Old version: Download
(Share-online, 120mb, Includes images (for newer sets only, core sets, fixes, eboot, custom sets....)

Re: My PSP config as download (0.19.0 Ebootm 0.19.2 core set

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:05 pm
by Bas
Installation guide, PSP.

1. Download my uploaded sets and the PSP LQ images (the second download link)

2. Extract my files to /PSP/Game/WTH (or another folder name). You better backup old files if you have some, just to be safe. Maybe better don't take the full archive name, didn't test if the long filename might cause issues.

3. There is no need to extract the LQ images archive. Just put it into the /Res/ subfolder.

4. If you have own Wagic profiles, you need to copy them to and from /res/player/ or /user/player.

Have fun!

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Ebootm 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:38 am
by i-am-not-one
Have you tried the 726 version from viewtopic.php?f=4&t=371&start=1220#p96902 ?

I just installed your collection and the 726.

726 is from Oct 2015, your version is from Dec 2013?

I used the low quality PSP sets (180x255 I only played through the Premade G/R deck.

I could not really see any difference in the card image quality that you talked about?

The newer version has automatic borders, black or white. It also highlights areas of the playfield. Which is a simple thing but a nice touch.

Pretty sure this version has cdactive because Scion of the Wild changes P/D dependant on number of creatures you have. That doesn't seem to work properly in your collection.

I will try and check out bleeding megrim, see if I encounter any problems.

What CFW do you use? I have 6.60 Pro-C2 on a PSP 3000

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Ebootm 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:09 am
by Bas
Sorry, missleading here; quality changes for images are for newer sets than the LQ pack only.

This is because I took the LQ pack as a standard for newer sets - Very often I could only find things like Android sized images or similiar to download which are WAY TOO LARGE for the PSP so I reduced ALL of them to the size of the LQ pack.

As such, I resized the images from roughly RTR block to OGW to ~180x255. This is what I did. The LQ image set is pretty much unchanged.

Just noticed, the core set used actually IS 0.192.726. TBH, not sure if .194 is really newer or not.
The Eboot is still 0.19.0.

Not entirely sure, but I think in the 0.192.726 Eboot the collection mode was slow as heck and either images not working at all or being blurred up horribly (looked like as if the thumbnails got enlarged instead of the proper images being used).

Reading my thread, it looks like many other ppl are having huge issues with eboots newer than 0.19.0:

CFW is 6.60 LME-1.8.

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:01 am
by i-am-not-one
It is great that you have done from the RTR block on. It has really been some time since anyone has done that.
I don't want to discourage anyone from messing around with Wagic and uploading and sharing it here.

I think you should make a post just with that LQ set seeing as it has all the cards up to the most recent sets.

That 0.194 set that you and Leonstar are talking about is very old.
EDIT** If you look at the github site listed they have an alpha 195 version listed under releases. The 194 version is the one prior to that :o So so old :lol:

It is from the old site when they hosted things on googlecode. Now they have moved to github. That is where the newer stuff is posted

I have pre-made decks so I don't use the deck editor. My bad. Finally checked the deck editor today (Is that what you mean by collection mode ;) :?: ) The images were very blurry, as you say it seems they are using the thumbnails instead of the card images. This will be an easy fix in the next update. I wonder if it is the same in the windows/android version?

I use this method for making decks
the first link in the post is good as well, not sure why it is not stickied?

For someone who just picks up the game and tries to create a deck the blurry version is just unworkable.

Saying many people might be a bit of an overstatement, depending how you look at things. I think it is best to try and get as many people using the same latest working version instead of going back and trying to update old versions that have already had many problems addressed. But as I said to start if you want to do that kind of work, create a thread and make sure that people know to make suggestions about necessary improvements to yourself rather than to Wololo et al.

I will see if I have an earlier eboot with it working deck editor. Just until a new github version comes along.

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:28 am
by i-am-not-one
I have gone back to But the problem with deck editor was in that one as well. I guess i should have been using images when testing it.
Remember you can always press triangle and the images disappear so you can see the cards.

I added the card crops that Bas did, very nice work.

I should mention that they should probably be in USER/SETS the RES folder is really REServed (:D bad pun) for official stuff.

I am sure there is something else I wanted to tell you but it escapes me for now.

To be continued...

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:19 am
by i-am-not-one ...

This is the link to the eboot and core as downloaded from (2015 July 25)
This is the latest I have with the deck editor working.

Bleeding Megrim worked in this for me but not with the 726 core.

Bleeding Megrim also works with the 726 eboot and core (Played 5 times without issue, might be I have not encountered the problem)

Also what I wanted to remind you was that decks must be in sequential order. So make sure if you remove 77, you rename the highest deck number to fill the hole.

Although I see you have not done this and your version seemed to work for me so perhaps I have out of date information or it is only for player decks?

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:54 pm
by i-am-not-one
Been doing a bit of stress testing with the 726 eboot and core.

Using the old LQ PSP image sets with BAS's recent LQ image sets update.

I have played over 30 games. (Bleeding Megrim at least 4 times)

I had one crash in the middle of a 13 game stint (while waiting for the tyres to get replaced on my car :D ) About an hour of play.

When using the deck editor you can press the triangle button to see the cards without their image.

If the opponent select menu seems sluggish that indicates there might be a crash coming on. Another indicator is if there are graphics artifacts showing on your cards in the trophy room.

I am convinced there is a memory leak somewhere but I know they are difficult to track down. I think this problem only pops up if you play the game for a really extended period. Over 30 minutes and the more games you play also increases the chance of a problem.

Overall I would highly recommend 726 for now. :D

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:48 pm
by Bas
And regarding the collection/deck editor mode?

Re: PSP complete pack(0.19.0 Eboot, 0.19.2 core sets, newSet

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:53 am
by sandman423
Can we get an update for best Eboot for PSP and a One Stop shop for ALL Card Images for all the sets up to SOI? That would be very nice if possible...I have Wagic Images all over my PC and would like to just download one .rar or .zip with all the Card Images..

thank you. I deleted Bleeding Megrim and it still locks up and gives me a blue screen when running a bw deck.