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Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sat May 18, 2013 8:10 am
by tester3
Last update 2013/05/18

These files wouldn't exist without the awesome work of Gonzo, who provides Super High quality images in a very easy download in this topic. All I did was running his images through a series of scripts to make them more adapted to various types of devices.

In this thread I offer 3 types of sets images, optimized for various use cases. Download and install were made to be super easy.

High quality Android phones sets (also work for PSP if you want high quality but don't mind the occasional lag)
Size: 255x361
This collection is basically a reboot of xojlmc's work here since, as far as I can tell, his links are down. The sets are optimized for Android phones: sharp and high quality, but without being unreasonable high quality that would eat up your ram and performance.

The images are also optimized for PSPs: they will take the same amount of vram as the "standard" 200x285 images, but are much crisper. That being said, in my experience, you don't want to use them on PSP if you have only 32MB Ram (which happens if you have a PSP1000 OR don't have a CFW OR run the signed version of Wagic)
(screenshot taken on the psp. This looks better on phones in general)

Download (mirror)

Low quality PSP sets
Size: 180x255
This is the "lowest" possible size you can imagine on the PSP without making the text unreadable on older sets. Some of the text (especially on older sets) is a bit difficult to read, so I recommend it for people who know the game well enough that they don't need to constantly look at the cards, or for people who are ok with switching regularly between text mode and images.
These images are twice as small in vram as the images in the set above, this means the game can have dozens of them loaded at once without a problem, this is strongly recommended for people who are experiencing performance issues on the PSP
(compare the name of the card with the screenshot from the phones set to understand the difference. Both screenshots are taken from a psp)

Download (mirror)

Super tiny crops
Size: 127x...
That's a reboot of my old thread.
This is what I recommend for people who really want to play the game on a PSP without memory/slowdown issues. These images are 8 times smaller in ram than the typical 200x285 sets you can find, and yet they look ok. The text and card background is rendered directly from the engine, which has its pros and cons: Pros, you get the latest card rule, cons, the rendering is sometimes "off", and does not look like the real cards. But The game can load hundreds of cards with this collection before the PSP cache gets full, which means memory issues are a problem of the past with it.

Download (Mirror)

How to install
The zip files in my archives are made to be running out of the box: Download the zip file of your choice, and copy it in your Wagic's Res folder. Done! Do not unzip, do not do anything. See the screenshot below as an example of what it should look like:

Feedback is welcome, the 110 sets in there were processed with automated scripts, and I haven't verified the result for all sets.

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sat May 18, 2013 11:42 pm
by tester3
And now I discover there is a 20GB limit per day on dropbox...

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sun May 19, 2013 12:06 am
by Zethfox
awesome thank you so much!

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sun May 19, 2013 12:16 am
by tester3
I'm switching to google drive, as it seems dropbox is actually not a file sharing service. Hold on while I update the links
Edit: done!

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:39 pm
by sandman423
Anyone else having issues with RTR or IVG images showing up on Latest SVN 4686 the one that came out yesterday...I am using on PSP and all the other images are working why not or

Been trying to figure it out. I tried unzipping pics in primitives/RTR still didn't work...I also tried adding HQ Images 640 x 480 and they work but not sized right.

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:02 am
by purplerose
I am using tacoghandi's build for the psp, and I can confirm that some of the sets have either incomplete or absent card images, the most notable being Return to Ravnica, Dragon's Maze and the Izzet vs Golgari set. Downloading image sets from other sources does not work; placing them either inside the sets_psp_low zip file (which causes no images to load) or in the users folders (which does not produce an image).

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:34 pm
by timmermac
Is there any update on getting recent set images to show up?

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:50 am
by Huggybaby2
Howdy folks.

I couldn't login as Huggybaby for some reason, so I had to use a new account.

Our new collection is out. It now includes the Tiny Fun Crops that frwololo added support for 3 years ago. They are crops of course. ... 58#p136358 ... r_27__2013

There's a difference now though: for easy coexistence with the other sets, I had to add a suffix, so it's now e.g. "Forest.tiny.jpg". I hope developers add support for this new identifier so you won't have to rename anything.

To make a Tiny Fun Crop, I start with our regular crops and batch process them in Irfanview to 50% size, and 80% jpeg quality to save file size, and color equalize them for consistency. They look fantastic.

This representative image is 153x209 and is kess than 10kB.

The current Tinys folder has 109 sets and is only 213 MB.

I don't know if you ever used shrunken Fulls as well. Please let me know, because I want to support whatever you need.



Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:31 pm
by sandman423
So I d/l latest images to put tiny crops on my PSP...The issue is ALL the images are labeled like this 000000.tiny.jpg or like this Act of Treason.crop.jpg.

How do I rename a BUNCH of them with the right image # in bulk without to many complications so I don't have to manually rename each one?

Any help would be great I am a total noob when it comes to batch renaming or resizing.

Re: Optimized images for Android phones, PSP & tiny crops

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:40 pm
by KF1
MTG Image Renamer is what you need for MASS renaming images.

[The extension zip has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

From the Read Me file:

This Utility will allow you to batch rename MTG card image sets to their multiverse IDs to allow compatibility with Wagic The Homebrew.

Often is the case that various card image set scans accross the net(CCGHQ scans for instance) will be saved in this format "name of card.full.jpg", however in order to work with Wagic the Homebrew, every single card will need to be renamed to this format "multiverse ID.jpg"........ this is ALOT of work if done manually....... Fortunatly wololo already provides the basic tools for deciphering the card IDs in his _cards.dat files, this utility makes use of those files to automate the renaming process.

In many cases this application can save you hundreds of hours of work if you are trying to manually rename several sets, this utility will allow you to rename thousands of card images in just a few minutes(how fast can your finger click mouse button?)

This utility works ONLY with JPEG(*.jpg) images, most scans are already in that format anyway, but if not they will need to be converted in your image editing software first.

Step 1..... Copy the _cards.dat file from your Wagic/res/sets/(setname) into the folder that contains the image scans for the set you wish to convert

Step 2..... Run the mtgrename.exe utility, and select "Open File" from the top left of the window, navigate to the folder containing the images and select the _cards.dat file and click "Open"

Step 3..... Check that the "File Extensions" box is displaying the correct extension for images present in the folder, the default is ".full.jpg" because that is the format CCGHQ scans are named, you should set this to read whatever comes directly after the card names, for instance if you have an image called "Clockwork Beast(FULL).jpg" then you should set the text in the "File Extensions" box to read "(FULL).jpg"..... if however the name is "Clockwork Beast.jpg" you would simply set the text in the "File Extensions" box to ".jpg".

Step 4..... At the bottom left of the window, click the "Click to process file" button. If there are any compatible images in the folder, a card image will be displayed to the right, along with it's name and multiverse ID to the left.

Step 5..... If you wish to rename this image to it's multiverse ID, simply click the "Rename" button, it will rename the image and then move right on to the next....... if instead you wish to skip this image, simply hit "Skip" and it will skip to the next image without renaming the one you skipped.

Step 6..... Simply keep clicking the "Rename" button until you are done.... You will recieve a message when you have reached the end of the file...... you're done!