Japanese card images : 16 sets

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Japanese card images : 16 sets

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This contains 10E ARB CHK EVE M10 MOR SHM WWK ALA CFX DDE LRW M11 ROE SOM ZEN, ready to use for the PSP.
If you're not a native JP speaker, but just interested, and want to test those without messing your existing installation, I suggest to put those in a "sets" subfolder of one of your themes. I personally used "classic" theme:
Res/themes/classic/sets/10E/10E.zip for example

Then by switching themes in Wagic, it should change your card images, without having to install/uninstall your previous english packs.


Most of the sets are not available in Japanese, but I did my best to get the ones that exist.
I used this app to get the images:
http://www.slightlymagic.net/forum/view ... =15&t=3371

I didn't realize it had an option to remove the crops at the time, so I used my own script to do it. The app also does not create the thumbnails for us, overall it has a few minor issues that require manual/script tweaks after the download.

My script is extremely simple but does the work that the gatherer download app didn't do:

Code: Select all


for folder in `ls`; do
cd ~/Images/$folder
mkdir thumbnails
for file in `ls`; do
    convert $file -crop 203x290+10+10  $file
	convert $file -resize 45x64  thumbnails/$file
rm $folder.zip
zip -r -0 $folder.zip *
(that's for the people who are asking how to create image packages: learn bash scripting, and you'll go a long way ;) )

As usual, I have no plan to maintain this, mostly did this one for fun, if people want to distribute/update this package, please do so.
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