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Welcome topic

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:09 am
by LordBane999
hey guys this is just something they do on other forums, so i thought maybe to try and start this on here, alright basically a welcome topic is a topic where you introduce yourself and tell a little so we can all get to know each other better, this can be one you make yourself or even just use this one, i'm going to introduce my self so you understand,

Hi my name is Tim, i live down in the the southern part of onatrio, canada; i'm 20 years old and have been playing magic for 10 years with about a 2 and a half year break from it during the middle of my time playing it, and a half-year break from it(because of lack of local tournaments, we had our only card/comic shop close, and local stores inside my mall that sold cards couldn't hold tournaments because of the mall's tight policy on events), i also love any type of music but i prefer things to be on the heavy side, i also play WOW the tcg("Fooooorrrrrrrrr the Legion!" hehe), i like to rollerblade, fight(for fun mostly, but i use to compete in tournaments), and of course pick-up girls (let's just say when i come home from having a few drinks i don't want to just flirt and leave, what guy does?) 8-) :D :) ;) :lol: :P :roll: :mrgreen:

buy the way i look like this guy :ugeek:, i have the goatee but my glasses are smaller than that

p.s. this just a thing to do to give some info about yourself, you can go into as much detail as you want too, we're all real people so let's not just talk about the game and give time to get to know each other as well

happy gaming and coding