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Gabriel Angelfire
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Re: Bug reports 0.20.1.xxxx

Post by Gabriel Angelfire »

Playing the latest version from Github on Windows. In the Commander 2014 set there are two cards I came across as not working. Sylvan Offering (Id#389707) it creates both Green Treefolk and Green Elf Warrior Token, but will not show both card images. So even though the game knows one is a treefolk and the other token is a warrior elf; it will show a warrior elf image for both types of tokens. The other card is Reef Wurm (id#389652) its a sorcery that creates a token when killed will create another token and then another token when that is killed; it's not supported but there is a card from the Magic 2011 set that kinda of does the same thing. Mitotic Slime (id#205032) difference though is that this is a creature but when it dies it creates a token that will create another token when that dies. I don't how to code but thought it might be similar enough for a starting point.
Thanks for the great work on the game
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