working - crappy: terastodon

In this forum you will find all cards that COULD be added to the game but aren't because they don't work 100%.
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working - crappy: terastodon

Post by rawsugar »

just if anyone else got excited to see this guy and only found out he wasn't working at all after making the deck (made a neat one around him with perilous myr, rancor and spine of ish sah to make an army of tokens). this is a workaround that works perfectly as long as you don't cheat. I've added a line to reduce the opportunities for cheating - more could be added for combat step/each step immediately after a main phase but as long as you as the player dont cheat this can do exactly what the card should be able to do.

auto={0}{C(0/0,-1)}:destroy target(artifact,enchantment) && token(Beast,Creature Beast,3/3,green) targetcontroller
auto=@each endofturn:{C(0/0,-3)}
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Re: working - crappy: terastodon

Post by Zethfox »

this card is supported in newest version.
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