Lotus Bloom (Crappy)

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Lotus Bloom (Crappy)

Post by magnachronus »

I recently coded Lotus Bloom into my game.


Code: Select all

name=Lotus Bloom
autohand={0}:moveTo(exile) all(this|myHand) && token(-1111120)
auto={T}{S}:add {W}{W}{W}
auto={T}{S}:add {U}{U}{U}
auto={T}{S}:add {B}{B}{B}
auto={T}{S}:add {R}{R}{R}
auto={T}{S}:add {G}{G}{G}
text=Suspend 3-0 {T}, Sacrifice Lotus Bloom: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.

name=Lotus Bloom's Suspend
auto=@each my upkeep:counter(0/0,-1,time) && bury all(Lotus Bloom's Suspend[-counter{0/0.1.time}]|myBattlefield)
So far, it has worked well for me in testing. There are a few flaws, though.

First, I had to make the mana cost ridiculously high, to make it virtually impossible to hard cast. I had to do this because I could find no other way to prevent the player from simply putting it directly into play from their hand instead of suspending it.

Second, since Lotus Bloom, currently cannot be fetched from Exile, I had to make a token of it created when the time counters ran out. Because of this, Lotus Bloom never actually hits the graveyard, making it unrecoverable once the token is gone.

Third, it is essentially uncounterable since it will never actually be cast(unless you produce 99 mana).

Feel free to test it out and tell me what you think and any suggestions for improvements.

[EDIT ABRA: Renamed & Moved]
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Re: Lotus Bloom code

Post by lozanogo »

if you delete the mana line... can you still use the card?
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Re: Lotus Bloom code

Post by Zethfox »

yes but it will be free to cast
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