wii port

To discuss about porting wagic to other platform. Note that we have several request for porting wagic to other platform, but no coders at the moment to do the job.
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wii port

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have anyone tried to port this game to nintendo wii? there is 1 c++ compiler for the wii and some ported libs http://wiibrew.org/wiki/DevkitPPC also 1 gamecube emulator wich can be use to test the code...

Can someone give their opinion about the process?
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Re: wii port

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It usually takes one guy with enough free time to work on the port. If somebody is willing to do it, we'll gladly add all of that to the SVN.
The easiest on the wii would probably be to use SDL, since that's what we already use on Windows and android:

I don't own a wii so I can't help much
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