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Ahh crepes, I think the issue with AI holding on to cards is tied to either cast priority or more likely hints; i believe the issue is that if a card type has hints for some of the cards of that type AI will not/rarely cast the other cards of that type if hints are keeping it from casting the others. I noticed this especially with my blackburn deck which is 90% sorceries half of which have conditions. for some reason it still casts sorin's vengeance but holds on to corrupt and stolen grain.

not sure how to react to that, I might need to note which decks has this issue and remove hints and/or casting priority for those....its better to have AI occasionally sweep an empty board than not cast any spells at all...

#HINT:combo hold(Mind Sludge|myhand)^cast(Mind Sludge|myhand)^restriction{type(*|opponenthand)~morethan~2}^totalmananeeded({4}{B})
#HINT:combo hold(Hymn to Tourach|myhand)^cast(Hymn to Tourach|myhand)^restriction{type(*|opponenthand)~morethan~0}^totalmananeeded({B}{B})
#HINT:combo hold(Damnation|myhand)^cast(Damnation|myhand)^restriction{type(creature|opponentbattlefield)~morethan~1}^totalmananeeded({2}{B}{B})
#HINT:combo hold(Mutilate|myhand)^cast(Mutilate|myhand)^restriction{type(creature|opponentbattlefield)~morethan~1}^totalmananeeded({2}{B}{B})
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