New Custom Set Idea: "Green Lanteern Corp", Yes or No?

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New Custom Set Idea: "Green Lanteern Corp", Yes or No?

Post by belux »

I was wondering if it could be interesting to develop a custom set(s) adapted from the "Green Lantern Corps" DC universe's comic.

My concept idea is:

- Green Lantern Corp: green spells (this was easy);
- Red Lantern Corp: red spells
- Blue Lantern Corp: blue spells
- White Lantern Corp: white spells
- Black Lantern Corp: Black Spells


- Purple Lantern Corp: red/blue spells (from the colour spectrum)
- Yellow Lantern Corp: red/green spells
- Indigo Lantern Corp: blue/red/green spells

and finally

- Orange Lantern Corp: 1 planeswalker (beacuse there is only 1 orange lantern)


- the power rings will be equipments
- the constructs will be obviously the artifacts

other features:
- special land will be the "planets"
- no one existing DC characters will be used, only news

Okay, this is only the basis to start, but I'm first interested in your opinion, if it could be worthy to try or not, because, if yes, I'd surely need help to develop it cause I don't have much free time and I would be glady willing to draw the card art picture.

I'm waiting for your opinion/ideas :D
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Re: New Custom Set Idea: "Green Lanteern Corp", Yes or No?

Post by KF1 »

Wagic was made and intended intended for this sort of thing.

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and other genres have been tried before so there is no reason the Green Lantern Corps, Ren and Stimpy, Barney the Purple Dinosaur or even Sesame Street can't be added to the game. LOL.

Post what you do on your project here and the folks really interested in what you are doing will comment.

Most folks here tend toward the constructive criticism rather than in your face negativity. Besides, doing your project might help us learn a thing or two about Wagic we might not know about or offer a way to do something in a new way.

Thanks for the post and good luck on your project.
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