How to code lord ability ? (Working)

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How to code lord ability ? (Working)

Post by Nelorio12 »

Can some make a "All other creatures gets +1/+1 and has regenerate"

The +1/+1 is working but not the regenerate

auto=lord(creature[red]|myBattlefield) 1/1 {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[green]|myBattlefield) 1/1 {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[blue]|myBattlefield) 1/1 {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[white]|myBattlefield) 1/1 {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[black]|myBattlefield) 1/1 {G}:regenerate other

What's wrong with the code

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Re: Help in coding an ability pls.

Post by arcaneous »

i think the problem maybe you need to lord the 2 seprately

like field marshal;

name=Field Marshal
auto=lord(soldier) 1/1 other
auto=lord(soldier) first strike other
text=Other Soldier creatures get +1/+1 and have first strike. (They deal combat damage before creatures without first strike.)
subtype=Human Soldier

so you need

auto=lord(creature[red]|myBattlefield) 1/1 other
auto=lord(creature[red]|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[green]|myBattlefield) 1/1 other
auto=lord(creature[green]|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[blue]|myBattlefield) 1/1 other
auto=lord(creature[blue]|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[white]|myBattlefield) 1/1
auto=lord(creature[white]|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate other
auto=lord(creature[black]|myBattlefield) 1/1 other
auto=lord(creature[black]|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate other

this should work the way you wanted. but i think this is better if you wanted "All other creatures you control gain +1/+1 and "{G}: Regenerate"" it would be better and faster as

auto=lord(creature|myBattlefield) 1/1 other
auto=lord(creature|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate other

hope that helps.
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Re: Help in coding an ability pls.

Post by wololo »


auto=lord(other creature|myBattlefield) 1/1
auto=lord(other creature|myBattlefield) {G}:regenerate

is even more readable and is the new way of doing things ;)
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Re: Help in coding an ability pls.

Post by Nelorio12 »

Thx! It worked and the code is shorter :)
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Re: Help in coding an ability pls.

Post by Psyringe »

There's a functional difference: Your code would not effect non-colored artifact creatures, while wololo's code will. From your description I'd say that you want the latter (and wololo's code therefore also fixes this problem of the previous code), but I'm mentioning it in case I guessed wrong.
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