Wagic Community Event: Build a WAR user or AI deck

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Wagic Community Event: Build a WAR user or AI deck

Post by Bas »

- Only cards from the WAR set are allowed to be used.
- Minimum deck size: 40

Ending Date: Sunday, 21st of June.

First event to go, hopefully from many more!

Maybe I will push the ending date or loose requirements if any of these end up being too harsh.

For now, you don't need to build the decks in Wagic, you can also use a deck-building website. It might be easier to share the deck(s) for now.
Keep in mind however, users might want to use your deck in wagic or play against it, consider to supply it as a wagic deck as well.

While I have not spoken with our dev yet, maybe adding the winner's deck into the next Wagic build as AI opponent is a possibility.

- You can start a deck by using one of the 10 draft archetypes.

Have fun!
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