Just a little fun bit of stat-tracking

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Just a little fun bit of stat-tracking

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I'm a big fan of stat tracking, so I'm going to periodically post on how the deck I'm playing with is performing. At the moment, the deck I'm working with right now is 44-126, with a loss to the Yavimaya deck. The opponents I'm performing best against are Nightmare at 7-3 with a 5 game winning streak, and Inquisitor at 7-10 with a 2 game losing streak. My two worst opponents are Howlings at 0-10 and Wrath at 1-11 with a new losing streak started with my last game. My deck is 5-color monstrosity with 279 cards, about 45% of which is land. I eventually plan on turning it into a Sliver deck as I unlock the expansions that have them available. In the meantime, I'm working on getting landwalking tribal creatures, like goblins, elves, merfolk and zombies. I'm also trying to pick up fatties to support the wee hordes.
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Re: Just a little fun bit of stat-tracking

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Which kind of deck is that?
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