[Android] Unable to Get Card Images to Show [FIXED]

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[Android] Unable to Get Card Images to Show [FIXED]

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Hello there, long time no see Wagic forum!

Recently got a tablet, and remembered that Wagic had an Android version. Now, I have the game up and running, and I have a file explorer installed on this thing. I've got the images- both zipped and unzipped because of my issue and trying to solve my own problem.

I have an NVIDIA Shield tablet running Lollipop (I think that's the name of the OS. Android ver. 5.0.1 in case I'm wrong on the name.)
Using fX as my file explorer- not sure if this matters.
Also, using the latest Wagic.apk -- WTH_0186_Android.apk -- Assuming ver. 0.18.6? Not sure if that's the correct way to punctuate that xD.

My problem is that, when in the User -> sets subdirectory, both zipped and unzipped files are not registering when I start the game up. I do know that the .zip files have to be at 0 compression. I'm not sure if this is the same as on the Windows version, but the card images work fine on that system, both zipped and unzipped, in the User -> sets subdirectory.
This is in my main storage. I don't mind having it here, as I have an SD card to put other things, if need be. However, if it needs to be on the SD card for some reason, let me know. I do believe I saw that some people had trouble with this for one reason or another, however, so didn't attempt to put it there.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions to get the card images to work?
Thanks in advance, forum!

To anyone who has this same issue, it all goes in the res folder. The one thing I didn't try because I try not to mess with the main files. Hnng!
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