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PC Engine Emulator for PSP

Version : v1.3.0

Release Date: 2009/06/1

Notes for this version: - Audio Track support for CD-ROM
(support only MP3 format with stereo 16 bits samples
at 22k or 44k rate)
- CD-ROM TOC file format support.
- Using TurboRip, ripped CD can now be used directly with PSP-Hugo !
(see README file for explanations)
- Increase PSP clock speed when playing mp3 CD tracks
- Disable sound while saving states & screenshots
(to avoid scratchy noise for few seconds)
- Fix sleep mode issue
- Replace SDL sound engine by direct PSP audio stuff
to improve performances
- Fix issue when loading more than one CD image
- New backgrounds


Find download links for PSPHUGO below.

PSPHUGO - v1.3.0 Download from (direct link)
PSP Hugo 1.3.0 Download from (direct link)