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PSP Filer

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PSP Filer
A File Manager for the PSP

Version : 3.9

Release Date: 2007/10/23

Notes for this version: o fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it opened a broken mp3 file.
o added a feature when ripping UMD image to append extra records that could not be accessed from filesystem. (bottom 2k-6kbytes)
o added a feature to view Kbytes / Mbytes mode.
o added a feature to set timestamp of file/folder to NOW.
o fixed a bug in Russian mode Filer was crashed when it opened file information.
o added to show "filesystem size" and "described size in ISO" in UMD device information.
o fixed a bug Some characters could not be drawn in EUC-jp mode.


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PSP Filer - 3.9 Download from (indirect link)