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PSP Filer

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PSP Filer
A File Manager for the PSP

Version : 3.1

Release Date: 2007/03/22

Notes for this version: Moving on to 3.1's changelog:
(I) Changed icon design - made by RaiderX
(II) General:
Added language selector when Filer runs without filer.ini.
Added German mode. (thanks Experiment1106 to translate)
Modified analog pad speed in color edit mode.
Made mp3/wav playback stop when suspended or tuner launched.
(III) Filer:
Fixed a bug that caused when seeing directory info on UMD.
Fixed when resuming from suspend mode, MS Duo was reloaded.
Added folder copy/move mode, and merged all copy, move, paste feature to one.
Fixed a bug Filer went down when opening too deep folder structure.
(IV) Text viewer:
Modified up&down scroll speed on analog pad.
(V) Binary viewer:
Modified up&down scroll speed on analog pad.
(VI) Picture viewer:
Changing picture by left&right, and back to filer, cursor position follows to the last picture you seen.


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