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Nintendo 64 emulator.

Version : R11 for 1.5+

Release Date: 2007/05/5

Notes for this version: * [*] Large overhaul of rom settings and preferences. All settings should now be persistant.
* [+] Native support for palettised textures for faster rendering and less memory usage.
* [+] Provided a fixed size pool for all texture memory, to limit memory usage.
* [+] Expansion Pak enabled by default.
* [!] Updated rom info database to include save mechanism for many roms.
* [!] Fix memory leak in texture cache.
* [!] Fixed conversion of RGBA/32bpp textures with odd alignments.
* [!] Fix crash which occurred when recolouring textures in low memory situations.
* [^] Large rewrite of texture cache to reduce memory usage and improve performance.
* [^] Various optimisations to the way textures are looked up in the cache and installed.
* [^] Optimise offsetting/scaling of texture coordinates.
* [^] Improve performance of dynarec fragment cache and reduce memory fragmentation.


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