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Nintendo 64 emulator.

Version : R10 for firmware 1.0

Release Date: 2007/04/1

Notes for this version: * [+] Added frameskip option.
* [+] Added framerate limiting option.
* [+] Added adjustable stick deadzone.
* [+] Allow pause menu to be activated even when rom emulation has hung.
* [!] Fix crash when no roms found, added explanatory message.
* [!] Fix flickering when small number of roms found.
* [^] Fix texture hash frequency check.
* [^] Finally got code compiling with -O3 optimisation flag in GCC.
* [^] Use VFPU for InvSqrt (thanks hlide!)
* [^] Improved VFPU code for clipping and tnl (thanks Raphael!)
* [^] Improved inlining of AddTri.
* [^] Reduced time spent searching for overridden blend modes.
* [~] Remove debug console in public release builds (smaller footprint and slight speedup.)


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Daedalus - R10 for firmware 1.0 Download from (indirect link)