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Epic Sathe

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Epic Sathe
Epic Sathe is an epic stick figure fighting game. It includes characters I had created when I was little. Now, with life breathed into them, go against all the odds and become the fighting champ!!!

Version : v0.4

Release Date: 2012/02/26

Notes for this version: [v0.4]
-began coding boss mode
-player can now save costume, stats, money and last reached level
-created cool effect for entering a new level
-fixed cloud spawning
-replaced powerup sound effect
-replaced customize option in menu with a help screen
-took away user's access to power
~in order to powerup collect items
~items now freefall occasionally in the middle of a battle
-created new fighters
-edited fighter images
-fixed sprite glitch
-fixed freeze glitch
-added more menus
-changed power awareness method (player glows when power is full)
-fixed instant power glitch (unfortunately for you)
-began coding adhoc gaming mode (multiplayer)
-began coding online gaming mode (multiplayer)


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