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Native SNES emulator for the PlayStation Vita

Based on The SNES9xNext libretro core:

Some code (example: file choosing) borrowed from xerpi:

Depends on: vita2dlib: vita_portlibs:

There are currently a lot of missing features, and the emulator does not run at full speed.

Version : 2015-08-08

Release Date: 2015/08/7

Notes for this version: New features:
* Recompiled to be compatible with PSM for Unity!

Next on the roadmap:
* Multithreaded audio for speed boost
* Ability to use both buttons and touch input for file selection, instead of touch-only
* Hopefully Super Scope and Mario Paint mouse input emulation using touch


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Snes9xNextVITA - 2015-08-08 Download from (indirect link)