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NTR CFW is a custom firmware designed for New 3DS, with the following features:

* Region Free. Region-locked games could be launched in Home Menu directly.
* CFW Menu. Press X+Y in games or Home Menu will show the NTR CFW Menu, to take screenshots or interact with plugins.
* Plugin support. Users can develop or install their own plugins with libntrplg, plugin will run in the background and is callable via NTR CFW Menu. (screenshot is a built-in plugin now)

And there are more features to be discovered.

Known issues:
You have to hold on power button until the power LED is off to turn off your console in NTR Mode.

1 A Japan New 3DS with firmware 8.1.0/9.1.0/9.2.0. (We will add supports for old3ds and other regions later, however firmware >= 9.3.0 might never be supported);
2 A Cubic Ninja gamecard, using a eShop version is ok.

How to install BootNTR:

Attention: If you have already installed the previous version of NTR, you have to earse the savedata(described in step 3) and scan the newest QR Code again.

You have to connect to the Internet for the first time installing the BootNTR. After the installation, the Internet connection is no longer required. Disabling Internet connection is recommended to avoid system updates.

1 Download the release below
2 copy ntr.bin to your N3DS's microsd card.
3 Start Cubic Ninja, Click Edit->QR Code and scan the qr.png file.
(Hint: If you have installed other exploits already, hold L+R+X+Y at game's main menu to erase the savedata)
4 Press A to install the BootNTR.
5 Turn off your console.

How to boot into NTR Mode:
1 Turn on you console, wait a few seconds before starting Cubic Ninja.
2 Click Edit->QR Code, after booted up successfully, the screen will flashes blue and rerturn to Home Menu.
3 If it was failed, turn off the N3DS and try again.
4 Enjoy!

Special Thanks:
tpu, enler, amuro, etc. NTR CFW will not be possible without them.
ChiChou( For designing the logo.

Version : 2.0

Release Date: 2015/03/19



Find download links for NTR CFW below.

NTR CFW 2.0 Download from (indirect link)
NTR CFW 2.0 Download from (direct link)