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ONEMenu is a replacement menu for your Ark-2 exploit with some cool features

It can install and delete emulators, homebrew & PS1 games into your PSP/GAME folder and you can place an ISO or CSO in any save folder and send it over to your PS Vita or PSTV and it will show up in your game list, no need to install.

You can set any game, emulator, or app to auto launch by setting it to X, O, triangle, or square, by pressing select will bring up a config menu to let you set all the options just be careful not to delete your hidden homebrew unless you want to.Can also change some of the nuances of the theme such as bar visibility, and whether or not to show your hidden files.

Installation: You must place all files in the SAVEDATA folder for the ONEMenu. It’s where you have your Ark2 exploit. Then transfer them with Cma on the PSvita and launch your Ark2 exploit an you will see the new ONEMenu.


* Up / Down navigation between the different categories.
* Right, Left move between games (With L / R fast forward).
* Select Activate the settings menu.
* [] Option to HIDE Homebrews
* Triangle: Remove games ( CARE not delete your exploit : D)


* Tester in 3.36ARK2: riddle
* Tester in 3.18TNV and theme creator ONEMenured: jvhellraiser

Version : Initial release

Release Date: 2015/02/25



Find download links for OneMenu below.

>> OneMenu << Download from (direct link)
Theme: Red One Menu (requires OneMenu) Download from (direct link)
Theme: Dante's Inferno (requires OneMenu) Download from (direct link)